Welcome to my blog !

My history

I’am Roxanne and I am a second year student at European Business School in Paris. I like photography, I am a member of the photography association at EBS Paris. In the other hand I used to go to the cinema, my father and I are passionate about movies industry.

My hobbies:

What are my strengths ?

My strengths are my determination and my curiosity across various disciplines. During my internship and my student job they told that I am professional and I have a really good contact with the consumers. Relevant point : I did not come into this world by myself, as a trio. My sisters, my life and my rock, are people I will always admire. We are complete opposites, but we fit together like jigsaw puzzle pieces. We were cultured to be strong individuals—but we are even story as a unit.

What are my objectives ?

I am interested in building on my experience and interest in developping and designing website with an internship in a innovative company. I have already make a internship as a seller in luxury shoes during Spring 2017. I was in charge of merchandasing, logistic and advise consumers. I spent one month in San Francisco for a Digital Expedition where I learn how to use software. I improved my skills in digital and I really like it. My objective for the moment is to find a relevant internship where I could project myself in the future.

Inseec Classes:


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